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Cleveland Police Search For Suspect Who Reportedly Killed Man On Facebook Live



Cleveland Police Search For Suspect Who Reportedly Killed Man On Facebook Live

Cleveland police are searching for a suspect they said killed a man and broadcasted it on Facebook Live Sunday. 

The suspect allegedly committed the murder on the city’s northeast side. Police said the suspect made claims of killing other people in addition to the Facebook Live murder, but said they have not yet verified those claims.

Police identified the suspect as Steve Stephens, who they described as “armed and dangerous.” 

In the chilling video, which has since been pulled from Facebook, the suspect is apparently driving in his car complaining about a woman, when he says “Found me somebody I’m going to kill, this guy right here, this old dude.”

The suspect then approaches an elderly black man and asks him to say the woman’s name, saying “She’s the reason, uh, this is about to happen to you.”

He then appears to fire a single shot at close range and walks back into his car.

Cleveland CBS affiliate News 19 reports that police and emergency medical services are swarming the Cleveland State University area as a precaution and several streets are on lockdown.

“We’re coordinating with Cleveland Police and have secured the campus. We’ve ensured shelter is in place and we’ll be updating the campus in increments,” Will Dubee director of communications for the university told The Huffington Post by phone.

CPD Sergeant Jennifer Ciaccia told HuffPost at this time, no additional victims have been found.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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